A luminous period family house by the sea

Edwardian period semi-detached family house by the sea house for sale

Where everyone would love to remote work if they could

Both my wife and I have always worked a lot from home. As a university lecturer, I would often prepare my lectures and work on research papers from home rather from the office, and my wife mainly ran her business from home, only occasionally renting shared office space.

We always enjoyed the freedom that this brings, and the way it allows us to spend a lot of time together even if we’re in the middle of a deadline.

That meant that having somewhere that was suitable for us to use as a work base was important to us when we were searching for a house. Of course we were so grateful we had taken that into account last year when the lockdown started.

We use one of the large double bedrooms as an office—but there are so many rooms in the house that there are quite a few different options. We work there together from a large table, and there’s plenty of space in the room to pace around and think and talk, and for the extra large bookcase that I installed (with help from our neighbour, Tony).

There’s a large double bay with modern double-glazed sash windows, which means we have plenty of natural light.

When we need to get some air we sit out in the garden and have a coffee, or walk to the ‘Downs’—the grassy cliffs above the beach at our end of town—and back.

These days of course, we’re all about remote work, but before the pandemic, when my wife had meetings she would walk to the station and could be in central London, Brighton, London, Cambridge or even Manchester very quickly.

The house is close to the telephone exchange, which I learnt to my surprise is the most important factor determining the speed of broadband that you can achieve.