A luminous period family house by the sea

Edwardian period semi-detached family house by the sea house for sale

Beautiful sea views make you pull out your camera

"There's a sketch at every turn."
JMW Turner
Turner often painted sunsets on the North Kent coast

You’d better like seagulls if you’re going to move to Herne Bay!

One of the best things about living in a house in Herne Bay is the beautiful North Kent sky. It’s beautiful because of the flat expanse of the Estuary allows you to see all the way to Southend and Leigh on the Essex coast. Much of the year you can watch the sun set slowly, then quickly, over the Isle of Sheppey. Maybe the otherworldly quality of the skies we enjoys is due to the fact that the sun’s light is filtered through the London air as it nears the horizon.

Whatever it is, it’s fascinating and I can’t resist pulling out my phone or a camera. I have hundreds and hundreds of photos of the sky taken from the beach. I’m not alone, many nights you will see tourists and locals taking snaps, and enthusiasts drive up to the prom with their equipment.

We took all the pics below ourselves while living in Herne Bay.