A luminous period family house by the sea

Edwardian period semi-detached family house by the sea house for sale

A charming seaside garden to make you happy

The back garden is the typical shape for this kind of Edwardian semi-detached house—an ‘L’ shape. The part nearest the front of the house is a paved patio that we use for eating whenever the whether is fine. Further back is a lawn that goes right round the back of the house.

The nice thing is that the garden is south-facing and has a lot of light all day. The house is in the middle of the short end a block with long lines of terrace houses behind on either side. This means the garden is not overlooked at all.

We’re not any kind of gardeners. We just leave the lawn to grow and mow it occasionally, but even for us the garden was a great source of pleasure as we watched the roses and the wallflowers developing over the year. And what a privilege during the first lockdown to be able to be outdoors whenever we wanted!

The garden presents a lot of potential for someone who might want to develop it. It has scope to grow beds of flowers or vegetables, without being of a size that imposes a great obligation in terms of maintenance.

The garden can be accessed via two sets of patio doors. One from the dining room and one from the utility room/extension. There’s also a back door leading out from the kitchen. There’s a side gate for access from the front of the house. And there’s plenty of room to store wheels bins and other odds and ends at the side.